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About the owners

We are a married couple who enjoy the many benefits of Naturism.

We are pleased to offer the opportunity for guests to experience a clothes free stay at Le Château and to enjoy the many features of the property.

Our aim is to provide

  • a facility for the Naturist, experienced or novice
  • to have a relaxing and enjoyable time whilst practicing the Naturist values of respect for self
  • respect for others and respect for the environment in a clothes free social setting

Joining us at Le Château is a cat named Gingy who does “Garfield” impersonations.

Gingy is not allowed in the guest rooms and is primarily sleeping in the sun or in our private living area.

However if you have a strong allergic reaction to cats please consider that he will be about.

Should you have any questions please give us a call or contact us via email.

  • Le Chateau pool
  • Le Chateau Naturiste B & B
  • Le Chateau Naturiste B & B
Le Chateau Naturiste B & B - Stuart and Lucia
Le Chateau Naturiste B & B - Oscar the cat